Project Xenodrive V 0.3.6 | Mars Concept map, first Official soundtrack Sample

so while the programming aspects of Xenodrive have been mind blowingly slow (due to our only experienced programmer being too busy), we've been making up for it on the art side.

I personally just put together a new conceptual "apocalyptic mars" race track which was made to show off what kind of scenery we'll be trying to pull off in the finished game (though hopefully better), the track itself however is boring as always... but we're STILL waiting on the physics system (guess whose job that is ;) )

however even more excitingly is we have our first 'somewhat finished' Xenodrive soundtrack, coming from our new composer from the channel: OnlyDeerAlive

--- let us know what you think of the current state of the Official Soundtrack!

V 0.3.4 New Mars Map!

So while we're still waiting on the physics system, i decided after college to work on a new map; and so here you have it.

You can test out the new map with the latest build here:
just click on Version 0.3.4

Hope you like the newest map, be sure to comment on one of my videos, or here what you think of it :)

Project XenoDrive Pre-0.4 "Mach 1 challenge"

So today I was testing the latest pre-0.4 build by setting the player at a ludicrously high speed (Mach 1), which is roughly 1,200 Kph / 700 Mph.

I dont think you can blame me for failing miserably and clipping through the currently disabled collision mesh, I mean, I'm literally flying at the speed of sound, give me a break! :P

Anyway, as you can hear, I might have gotten a little bit too much into the Sonic Adventure 2's music, but i'm literally going super sonic, I think its fairly justified :P